The Scream

“MOM!” she screamed bloody murder from her upstairs bedroom.

It sounded like she was being stabbed or there was a stranger that had gotten in the house. I jumped in surprise and horror while I was in the bathroom and got eyeliner all over my face.

“WHAT?” I yelled back. Only a moment ago, I went up to wake her, she was still in bed but she seemed fine. What could have happened??

Did she find cat throw up or was it dead? Did she find a mouse the cat killed? Was the dog throwing up blood on the carpet? Did she look out her window and see a tsunami coming down the street? Is it the zombie apocalypse?

I raced to the kitchen waiting for her to tell me what was wrong.

“MOM!” she said again. “Come to the railing!”angry

We have a lofted second floor so we can look down from the open room upstairs. I cautiously and quickly walked to the front room, paying attention that I was only half dressed and wondering if the window blinds were open or not. I stood under the railing so I could see her.

This really better be an emergency, I thought.

“It’s my shirt. My favorite shirt. It is all stretched out and I can’t wear it like this! You ruined it.” She stomped her feet like a little girl and ran back into the bedroom.

“Wear it down and I will look at it.” I said calmly but my heart was beating out of my chest because I thought she was hurt or something worse happened.

In her eyes, this was the worst thing that could have happened today.





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