Christmas 2016

Do our kids know what the real meaning of Christmas is? Do they only think it is about the presents?

Even though I know our daughter is involved in our church’s youth group and has been taught the Christmas story several years in a row. She also can tell us what happened but does she know what it means?

Christmas was a little different this year. We did things just a little bit differently. On Christmas Eve we went to our church’s service and Alex lit the candles and she put them out at the end with one of the older girls. In previous years, scat-ears-headphoneshe has sat through the service with us. I wonder if she understands this significance?

We started a new tradition after the service. Usually, I try to stay traditional and only open presents on Christmas morning but this year I bought new pajamas for my family to be opened on Christmas Eve.  Nice warm pajamas on a chilly night. Does she understand there are many people who can’t get warm at Christmas?

All season, I had a hard time feeling the spirit of Christmas, especially after the election and the violence and inappropriate things that came afterward (and continue).

For my child, I had to focus on what is important and the true meaning of Christmas. The birth of Jesus and doing good things for others. This is what the spirit of Christmas is. I am worried about what 2017 will bring with this new president. People have been removed from their jobs for smaller offenses than this president-elect has already done, but I digress.

I wanted to make my child happy but also want to show her what it means to treat others the way you want to be treated. It is sometimes hard to show her the troubles some have when they don’t have enough to eat or to not have a warm home when she is quite privileged in those areas. We give to the less fortunate but I’m not sure she understands what it means to others.


“I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day”

I am so proud of Alex today and how she danced and helped the smaller kids remember the steps and moves in the dance. I wish I could have seen her dancing but I was playing the bells and singing in the loft in the back of the church so I could barely see the dancers.img_2243   I was so glad to have my spouse in the sanctuary taking pictures for me. Continue reading ““I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day””

Christmas through the eyes of a preteen

How long should we keep up the story of Santa with our preteen?

Alex believes it is right to give to the poor and to the less fortunate. She believes everyone should have the same basic rights as others. She believes everyone deserves to have a friend. She believes she can be anything she wants when she grows up. I don’t think she believes in Santa. Continue reading “Christmas through the eyes of a preteen”

Our Preteen and TV

As I have mentioned, Alex is 10 years old and since she was young she escaped often by sitting in front of the TV. I wish we didn’t allow so much TV when she was younger. In some ways, it did serve us well. We put her potty chair in front of the TV and popped in a VCR tape of potty training. We put early education videos in when she was learning her ABCs. Also, occasionally, it allowed us to get some work done around the house.

TV viewing among kids is at an eight-year high. Kids ages 6-11 spend about 28 hours a week in front of the TV. The vast majority of this viewing (97%) is of live TV.

Continue reading “Our Preteen and TV”