“I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day”

I am so proud of Alex today and how she danced and helped the smaller kids remember the steps and moves in the dance. I wish I could have seen her dancing but I was playing the bells and singing in the loft in the back of the church so I could barely see the dancers.img_2243   I was so glad to have my spouse in the sanctuary taking pictures for me.

Rehearsals started this past September for the performance the Sunday before Christmas. When we started, it seemed like such a long time before the performance. Now it is here. Christmas is 7 days away and it is the Sunday of the performance. Sunday, December 18, 2016.

Alex came up to the loft in her outfit as we were getting ready to play before the dance.

“Good luck Mommy.” she said.

“Good luck to you too. I know it will be wonderful!” I said as tears came to my eyes.

The church music and dance programs performed it together. The bell and singing choir played and sang the song and there are 8 people of different ages doing the dance.  This is the first song where all programs performed a piece together.

“I heard the Bells on Christmas Day” is an appropriate song for this time in many ways. It is the Christmas season where we are thinking about the joy around us but yet there is a disturbing part of the piece that talks about how hate is strong. The dancers in this photo below are performing during this part as if the bells had broken due to the hate.
There is a strong sense of haimg_2235te since the presidential election because there has been so much violence in the country that seems to be much more visible.

img_2249At the end, it moves to a vibrant tune celebrating the good news of Christmas. The bells miraculously become fixed during the dance and the joy returns.

This song really helped to bring a new sense of joy in this time when that joy is hard to come by.


Today’s service was a sort of concert of all of the music that the programs have been working on all fall. Not only was it bells, adult singing choir and the dancers but it was also the children’s choir all dressed up in animal costumes celebrating the animals in the manger. This year was the first year that she was not in the children’s choir. I remember the director putting her right in front because she was not afraid to sing her heart out. She is now part of the youth group. Seeing her grow up each day is emotional. The time just goes by so fast.








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