Today, Forever

“I don’t want to grow up, things are too scary”

” I want today to stay today, forever.”

She said these two statements tonight as she got out of the shower. I looked at her and we talked about how it is important to wash all parts of your body.

“Did you wash your armpits? I asked as I held her arm up to inspect.

“You will have to be shaving soon.”

She wants to stay a child. I agree. I know there will be some hard times coming up as she gets older as a teen. Not only body changes but emotions and harder education. She will be harder on herself than we ever were on her. She will see how life gets hard and there are things every dmexican-alexay we have to do as adults.

Tonight, we had Mexican food and for a while now, just as dinner is ready, she runs up the stairs and changes into her “Mexican outfit”.  She wants to be authenticly Mexican like a child. Tonight, we even played Mexican mariachi music. She loves all events, traditions and she lives and plays hard – for each moment.

She loves to play music as she takes a shower and dance in front of the mirror.

She loves to hold her blanket and bear as she watches a movie on the couch. She loves our traditions. She does everything to the fullest and does it like a child.

We should all strive to live our lives like this. Take on everything wholeheartedly, no hesitation and no regrets!

(No offense to those who think this talk of what she believes is authentically Mexican is inappropriate)



One thought on “Today, Forever

  1. Your daughter sounds just like my daughter. She used to say that she never wanted to grow up and even though it is not heard as often as before, she still mentions it from time to time. I believe this comes from being very happy in the life we have provided for them and just knowing they are heard and loved makes all the difference in the world.


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