DARE Graduation

All 5th graders in middle school in our town participate in the DARE program. Drug, Alcohol Resistance Education. Today was the graduation. I learned that this program is more than drugs and alcohol, although included. It also teaches the kids how to deal with bullying of themselves or of a classmate. It is daring to be a friend of those who are different. It is daring to stand up to those who may be more popular or more stylish or have more money. They may use this to step on others who have less or are different than themselves. dareThis program is supported by the police department, the city council, the school committee, the civic organizations like the Lions Club and even the YMCA. The program is about being a better person and knowing substances can affect your body more than any peer will tell you when they are trying to pressure you into smoking or drinking or trying that drug, just that one time. The education helps to support what parents teach their kids about the same substances. I went to the graduation today to see what it is all about. The kids even sang the parents a song that made us believe they know they should not take drugs or give in to peer pressure.

I hope they really heard this message and understand what is means! I want her to make the right choices and stay smart with her body.


I don’t want to go to Bed

Alex says to me as I walked up to say good night, “I don’t want to go to bed, it gives me less time with you.” Sounds cute, right? It is except she doesn’t want to read or watch what we want to watch. She wants to be in the same room while she is watching YouTube videos or playing Pokemon Go or watching one of her cooking shows. She doesn’t really want to spend time with us, she wants to spend more time with a screen in front of her face.

Sometimes, well, a lot of times, I regret giving her the phone.

It is a necessity when she needs to get home from school or to contact her about where she is going but it is hard to give her that responsibility.